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Manufacturer's Number: SK-1000
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TRAV'LER Dish 1000 (SK-1000)
A 3 LNB reflector dish that receives all DISH Network standard and high-definition programming from KU band satellites 110į, 119į, and 129į.

With many more satellites and much more programming available, satellite TV viewing is changing. The Winegard TRAVíLER automatic multi-satellite viewing antennas offer the best performance in the market. Ever wonder why you donít see dome satellite antennas on homes? The simple answer is they donít meet performance specifications and requirements for DISH Network or DIRECTV. Technologically, with the new TRAVíLER automatic multi-satellite antenna series, RVers can now get all the same great advantages of the latest home satellite systems with NO extra switches, HD converters, etc.

TRAVíLER antennas are built on a completely re-engineered mechanical platform for a rigid reliable mount. This provides a stable base for uninterrupted signal acquisition and allows the dish to endure strong winds and withstand adverse weather conditions.

TRAVíLER automatic multi-satellite antennas are superior to domes and other satellite antennas because they are manufactured with approved and certified DISH Network and DIRECTV reflector antennas. This means they have the highest gain for maximum signal strength. TRAVíLER antennas are able to view up to 5 satellites at the same time, offering the most complete and comprehensive standard and HD satellite viewing experience available in the RV market. No more hassling with toggling/moving between satellites. This gives RVers the ability to view separate programs located on different satellites at the same time from one antenna, just like home. With one button operation, they are compatible with all receivers, including DVRs (supports multiple receiver configurations). No extra accessories needed for HD. Compatible on all RVs. Low travel height - 10".

Depending on your satellite provider preference (DISH Network or DIRECTV) and the level of programming you desire (standard satellite or HDTV), there are 3 models available to choose from; DISH 1000, DIRECTV Triple LNB and DIRECTV Slimline KU/KA. All TRAVíLER antennas are for stationary use only.

For compatability and installation questions please visit: Winegard FAQ
WARNING: This product may contain one or more chemicals known in the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit

Product Questions & Answers:

  1. I am interested in purchasing the Winegard Traveler SK1000 for Dish Network. However, I noticed on your website I am seeing a gray dish with Winegard on it and on all other websites including Winegard, I am seeing a black dish with Dish HD on it. Both say they will receive Dish network. I contacted Winegard and they told me that they have always manufactured this model with a black dish for Dish Network. Is the color of your dishes gray as shown on your website or are they actually black? By Bruce
    • Answer: The photo is a generic photo. The item you receive will be the model number listed and the color of the dish will be what the manufacturer is currently using at this time. If they are painting it black then the one you receive will be black.