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Roadmaster Tow Bars & Accessories

There are four major components to any towing system:
  1. tow bar
  2. mounting bracket
  3. supplemental brakes
  4. accessories

Roadmaster offers a wide range of product choices within each category.

There are two basic tow bar designs: RV-mounted and vehicle-mounted. Most have "collapsible" arms which slide back and forth, making them easy to connect. Collapsible arms automatically extend, self-center and lock in place as you drive away. When not in use, both can be removed completely or folded against the vehicle for quick, compact storage.

Motorhome-mounted tow bars insert into the motorhome hitch receiver, and can be stored on the back of the motorhome. Motorhome-mounted bars are preferred, because they never have to be lifted off the front of the towed vehicle, and you always have a built-in spot for storage on your motorhome. Or, they can be completely detached and lifted off the motorhome for long-term storage.

Vehicle-mounted tow bars are designed for simplicity and ease of use. They are mounted and stored on the front of the towed vehicle. They also can be completely detached and lifted off the vehicle for storage.

Regardless of the type of tow bar you choose, a mounting bracket is required. Mounting brackets, also referred to as base plates, have one purpose: to connect the tow bar to the towed vehicle. Each bracket is custom-designed to fit a specific vehicle or range of vehicles, and are attached to the frame, subframe, core support or other points along the vehicle's undercarriage.

At highway speeds, or during a panic stop, the inertia of a towed vehicle’s weight may be too much for the motorhome’s brakes to handle alone. Roadmaster manufactures a 'direct' supplemental braking system — BrakeMaster, as well as two portable systems — Even Brake and the 9700. BrakeMaster and Even Brake are 'proportional' systems — they work in relation to the RV's brakes; the 9700 applies a pre-set pressure to the towed vehicle’s brakes.