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Blue Ox Tow Bars & Accessories

Many campgrounds do not have enough room to let you park a trailer or dolly alongside your motorhome and towed vehicle on your campsite. Unhooking the trailer and parking it somewhere away from your campsite is not something you want to waste your camping time on. With a tow bar you can unhook and the towing equipment will fold up and stay with your RV or your car and not take up any additional parking space. A tow bar is also lighter to carry than a dolly or trailer and prices for a tow bar start out lower than either a dolly or a trailer. There are three general types of tow bars available:
  1. Self-Aligning Motorhome Mounted (Blue Ox Aventa LX or Blue Ox Aladdin)
  2. Self-Aligning Car Mounted (Blue Ox Acclaim)
  3. Rigid A-Frame (Blue Ox Ambassador)
Don't forget a base plate to attach the tow bar to your vehicle. The baseplate bolts to the frame and is custom designed for each specific towed vehicle.
Blue Ox provides all of the accessories that you may need or want for towing. For safety purposes, federal law requires RV activated taillights and safety cables.