Review of Thetford SC2 Cassette Toilet Pump 33368 [S1111-839089]

Review of Thetford SC2  Cassette Toilet Pump 33368 <span class="smallText">[S1111-839089]</span>
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Fast shipping and at a good price. The box for item was very worn, damaged, opened and generally just looked old in appearance. But all items were all there and worked, so no points taken off for that.

Installation was a little tricky. I would recommend you use the detailed color instructions from and not what comes with the pump (instructions in box were for the Original Part #16374). The instructions online are different and they are very nice with color pictures, but a little lacking in that they do not tell you how to pull the pump out. For me, this was very hard (small hands would work better). The trick I used was as I was pulling the pump out I turned it upside down as you pull it out (the pump hose prevents you from pulling it straight up). There is a photo of a cut out of the toilet which helped me figure this out.

To find the manual, Google the numbers “0752492/3230716” (no parentheses). For some reason, I cannot find it on anymore. Instructions for pump replacement start on page #3. Be sure to check out last image on page #3, it shows a cutout of the toilet which makes it easier to understand what needs to be done.

I am not a mechanic or know much about this stuff. I just got tired of taking my RV to the repair shop so I do many repairs myself now. Pump seems to work fine now that the new one is in. I think I overfilled the tank which might have ruined the original pump, wish I had known this before.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!] by james cabaniss
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