Suburban 6 Gallon Water Heater SW6DE

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Manufacturer's Number: sw6de 5239A
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Ideal for poor weather conditions, direct spark ignition water heaters feature a remote switch that electronically controls the water heater. Porcelain lined, steel water heater features anode rod to "absorb" the electrolytical action, ensuring your entire water heater system lasts longer. Copolymer insulation jacket specifically fit tank to retain heat. Fast recovery 6 gallon gas & electric water heater so you can enjoy more hot water and fewer cool water cycles. Replacement Water Heater Easy to install,  operate and maintain. 6 gallon water heater features 12000 BTU's and has a unit size of 12-11/16" high x 12-11/16" wide x 19-3/16 deep. Operates on Lp Gas and 1440 Watt 110VAC. Switch sold separately.
WARNING: This product may contain one or more chemicals known in the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit

Product Questions & Answers:

  1. is this gas and/or electric By dan
    • Answer: This operates on LP Gas (propane) and 120 V AC electric.