Suburban Drop-In 3-Burner Cooktop Stove Bottom SD3

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Manufacturer's Number: SD3
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Model # SD3 Stock # 2701 Burner Rate BTU/HR: Front Each 6500 Rear Each 5200 Manifold Pressure in W.C. 10.0 "w.c." Minimum Clearance From Combustible Walls Above and Below Counter: Model Below Counter Center of Burner Head(s) To Adjacent Vertical Combustible Material Above The Cooking Surface Burners | | | | Sides,Rear& Bottom Right Sidewall Left Sidewall Backwall SD3 0" 5 5/8" 6" 8" Minimum Vertical Clearance To Combustible Surface When Over Cooktop: 24" Minimum Horizontal Distance From Front Edge Of Counter To Cut Out: 2 11/16"