Roadmaster Even Brake Towing Evenbrake System RV Camper

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Manufacturer's Number: RM9400
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Brand NEW Roadmaster EVEN Brake


Even Brake…Even Safer.

Even Brake is the world’s only portable, proportional towed car braking system. It automatically increases or decreases braking pressure in direct proportion to the coach.

In other words, it brakes evenlyat the same time, and at the same intensity, as you brake the coach.

Proportional braking is a distinct advantage over "on-or-off" systems, which brake at one preset level, no matter how hard the coach stops. Even Brake delivers full emergency braking when you need it, and won’t cause excessive brake wear when you don’t. Nobody brakes the same way every time — and neither does Even Brake.

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 to connect!

Step 1
Position Even Brake between seat and brake pedal. Adjust the Even Brake pedal clamp over brake pedal.
Step 2
Slide the driver’s seat up to Even Brake
Step 3
Plug in the wiring harness cord, the power cord, and press the Test button. Ready...Set...Tow!


Exclusive Features:

Proportional braking — Proportional braking is even braking — your towed car’s brakes respond to your motorhome’s brakes, at the same time and at the same intensity.
Constant self-diagnostic testing — Even Brake monitors its own performance constantly, and any change in system status is transmitted to the motorhome monitor. Even Brake is the only supplemental braking system that checks itself, so you don’t have to — a glance at the monitor assures you that Even Brake is fully operational.
‘Power Save’ low battery protection — Even Brake warns you of a low battery in the towed vehicle with LED and LCD alerts at the motorhome monitor, giving you time to recharge the battery. If the battery’s voltage drops too low, Even Brake cuts power to the system, while retaining emergency braking power.
Automatically delivers maximum braking pressure in an emergency or a break away situation — Even Brake works the most when you need it the most.
Emergency break away system included — brings your vehicle to a controlled stop should it ever separate from your motorhome.

WARNING: This product may contain one or more chemicals known in the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit