Can You ship my order out fast?
Yes we can. You must checkout using AdventureRV Checkout and you can select Rush Order Processing. Your item will then ship within 1 business day. Please read the Rush Order Processing terms on the checkout page by clicking the "?" next to the rush order option for details.

Where is my order?
Wow, has it been 5 minutes since you placed it already? If it has been longer than that most likely it is sitting in a box somewhere. Don't worry we will eventually get to it and move it your way, hopefully soon because I am sure you are eager for it. You can check the status of your order in your order history after successfully logging in to your account. Please keep in mind your order may ship from different warehouses and may not leave the warehouse the day you ordered it. Vehicle specific (baseplates, receiver hitches etc.) items may take several days to ship.

Can I change my order?
You may change your order at any time prior to completing the checkout process. Once you have placed and confirmed your order and completed the checkout process you cannot add to it or change it in any way. After reading this answer you may feel the urge to ignore it and call us anyway to demand we change your order. I assure you, no matter what story you make up or the amount of whining or begging you do the customer service representative does not have the ability to do it either.

I placed my order, can I cancel it?
The very last line on your order confirmation page read: "Once the order is placed, it cannot be canceled. Please only click once." so the answer here should be obvious. If it's not obvious to you then I'll tell you the answer is no. Our entire ordering and processing system is automated in order to keep costs down and provide you with these great prices and we can't halt the system to just pull one order out. Please don't call us with some story that your wife or husband ordered it without your knowledge and ask us to bend the rules. A better idea would be to try and control your spouse and leave us out of it.

Can I place my order over the phone?
You may place your order over the phone but it sure slows everything down. A phone order takes alot longer to move through our system and we must charge a handling fee since we now have to pay someone to take the order. If you are worried about your credit card and personal information, don't beacuse is much safer processing through our secure website than over the phone. We do not store your credit card information on our website either. But if you still feel compelled to order over the phone just call us and press option 2.

Can I return the item I purchased?
Yes, as long as you abide by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee policy that you previously agreed to when you checked out at the time of purchase. You will need to obtain authorization and a RMA number from us so please use the Contact Us link on the lower left hand side of our home page and select open new ticket, then select returns from the drop down box and supply your name, address, order number and the reason for the return. Submit the ticket and someone will review it and respond to your request. We do not process return requests on the telephone and we do not accept returns without a visible RMA number on the package.

What is the cost to ship my item?
That's an easy one. Just click on the image or text of the item you want, once it opens up to the more detailed description page look over on the right side of the page where it says "shipping cost". Go ahead and click on it, don't be shy about it. A new window will open where you will type in your zip code, click "continue" and then like magic a price will appear. Beware, if you click on shipping cost and it looks like a new window did not open and feel the urge to call us to tell us it is not working, you may want to pause for a moment and try to figure out what you are doing wrong. Chances are the window is playing hide and go seek on your desktop. It's there you just need to find it. Now if you are looking for a total to ship multiple items, go ahead and add all the items you want to the cart and then while viewing the contents of your cart, you will find the carefully chosen words "calculate shipping". Click on it and I think you'll know what to do next.

What is an Open Box Buy?
Open Box Buys are items that may have damaged packaging, may be a customer return (inspected and tested if necessary), or for some similar reason cannot be sold as new. The item itself is new and when applicable, the item carries a full manufacturers warranty.

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