Empire 18,000 BTU LP Infrared Thermostat

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Manufacturer's Number: SR-18T
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  Vent-Free systems draw room air to support combustion in a clean burning blue-flame or radiant-plaque system.  Rated at 99.9 percent efficient, vent-free heaters release nearly all of the available heat energy into the room.
     To ensure safe operation, all vent-free systems include an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) to automatically turn off the heater if room oxygen level drops to an unsafe level.
     Vent-free systems are designed to provide supplemental heat and may not be used as a primary heat source.

* Radiant or Blue Flame Design * 99.9 Percent Efficient
* Safe Operation W/Auto Shut-Off Safety Controls
* Manual or Hydraulic Thermostatic Controls
* Matchless Piezo Igniter
* LP
* Mounts on Floor or Wall
* All Models Heat without Electricity
* Optional Manual and Automatic Blowers
* Empire Models Include 5-year Limited Warranty

Model SR-18T


Made in America