Camco Rhino 3 Foot 39768 Rhinoflex Tote Tank Hose Kit

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Manufacturer's Number: 39768
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The RhinoFLEX Tote Tank Sewer Hose Kit is designed to make using your portable tote tank as easy and secure as possible. The bayonet ends on the 90 degree elbow and sewer hose attach to any lug fitting and create a secure, odor tight connection. Each end features 4 bayonet prongs that create a positive locking action to secure to the lug fitting. The bayonet fittings swivel for easy connecting. The low profile 90 degree elbow makes it possible to attach the sewer hose to your tote tank in a streamlined fashion to create downhill flow and to minimize kinking. The 90 degree translucent elbow is made from UV stabilized resin that will hold up even after years of use. The RhinoFLEX sewer hose is made of a heavy-duty polyolefin and reinforced with steel wire. It is also collapsible, so you only have to extend as much hose as you need. Fittings on both ends feature locking rings to secure the fittings to the hose.
Connects your portable waste tank to any lug sewer fitting
Assembled kit is 3 feet long extended; 19 inches compressed
Includes 90 degree translucent elbow with bayonet swivel fitting
Fittings provide a secure, odor tight connection
Includes 2 storage caps