Atwood 8520 IV 20000 btu Furnace Heater S/D

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Manufacturer's Number: 37638 37678 37633 32668 32815 ***s/d
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This Atwood Model 8520 IV Replacement Furnace is brand new and comes with full factory warranty. Fits openings 17" W X 7 1/2 H. Furnace measures 16 1/2 wide x 7 3/8 high X 18 long. 20000 btu rating. This electronic ingition furnace operates on 12 VDC (4.6 amp) and LP Gas.

The Excalibur 8500 IV series furnace has been redesigned to be more efficient and quieter with a new burner and blower assembly. The new design has eliminated the obstruction and minimized the turbulence in the blower housing. This removed the annoying frequency spikes and overall noise with an increase in the airflow. Door sold separately.

****This is being replaced by Atwood's new 32815. Model AFMD20. Approximate Casing Dimensions 16 1/2" W X 7" H X 20" D. **Picture may not reflect actual product.