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RV Satellites & Antennas

We have several RV Satellites & Antennas to choose from. Many of our models support DirecTV, Dish Network, Bell ExpressVU, and many other satellite service providers. We have in-motion satellites, stationary satellites, portable satellites, King Dome VuQube, Winegard satellites, KVH satellites, Tracvision satellites, Low profile satellites, King Dome, Sensar III Antennas, Sensar Antenna Replacement Head, Motorized Sensar, Winegard Roadtrip, HD Converters, Amplifiers, tripods, satellite finders, compasses, combination satellites and many others.

Winegard's Movin' View Stationary and In-Motion Satellite Antennas are Fast, accurate and dependable automatic satellite dish at an affordable price!

Winegard's Movin' View stationary and in-motion 15" domed satellite systems not only look good, they feature one-button operation with no user input, GPS (Global Positioning System, in-motion systems only) and DVB (digital video broadcasting) satellite signal acquisition, two receiver capability, and access satellites at 92°, 101°, 110°, and 119°.

One Button Operation
The Movin' View will automatically locate and lock onto the desired satellite signal within minutes with just the flip of a switch.

Compatible with DISH Network, DIRECTV, and Bell ExpressVu* Movin' View antennas receive DIRECTV (101° & 119°) and DISH Network (119° & 110°) satellite signals throughout the continental U.S. Access Bell ExpressVu in Canada at satellite 92°.

In-Motion Automatic Toggle
Enjoy the ease of Winegard's automatic toggle feature while stationary or In-Motion, model RT1200T and RT1235T.


Utilizes DVB technology for fast and accurates searches. Two Receiver ready. 32" Diameter, 15 3/4 " height, 28 lbs.