Roadmaster 52276-1 EZ Base Plate S/D

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Manufacturer's Number: 52276-1 ***S/D***
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Why are ROADMASTER mounting brackets rated #1?

  • Every bracket design is subjected to computer-simulated "Finite Elemental Analysis." We are the only manufacturer using computerized testing to ensure structural integrity.
  • Every mounting bracket is custom-made to fit a specific vehicle or range of vehicles, and to attach at logical points along the frame or undercarriage, for maximum strength and a quick, easy installation.
  • Every new bracket (not just a few) in the ROADMASTER XL, MX, AND 'EZ Twistlock' series
    (the brackets are described below) comes with detachable extensions which are easily removed when the vehicle isn't being towed no unsightly steel hanging off the front of your car!
  • Every bracket is powder coated. In this process, charged particles of pigment are baked into the surface of the bracket. The particles fuse to the metal and form a lustrous, uniform and extremely durable finish.
  • ROADMASTER is quick to market brackets for new vehicles, and has the widest selection currently, more than 1,000 different mounting brackets (far more than any other company) which fit more than 2,000 different makes and models.

'EZ Twistlock' Series 'Hidden' Brackets
The visible portion of the brackets (the "front arms") can be easily removed when not
towing simply twist the front arms 90 to convert from towed car to road car in seconds!

  • They're virtually invisible improved aesthetics
  • For both car- and motormome-mounted tow bars
  • Computer-cut, all-steel components for exceptional strength
  • Easy to install ROADMASTER brackets use existing attachment points on the vehicle's undercarriage no welding!
  • Most install through the grille no scraping brackets in dips or against curbs.

05-11 Dodge Pick-up Dakota 2wd and 4wd
06-08 Mitsubishi Raider 4wd