Replacement Refrigerator Board , DometicĀ®

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Manufacturer's Number: P-711
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AC/DC/Gas.For Use In DometicĀ®: NDR 1062, NDR 1272, NDR 1282, RM 2607, RM 2611, RM 2612, RM 2652, RM 2807, RM 2811, RM 2812, RM 2852, RM 3607, RM 3662, RM 3663, RM 3807, RM 3862, RM 3863, RM 4872, RM 4873, RM 7030, RM 7130, RM 7732, RM 7832, S 1521, S 1531, S1621, S 1631, 1821, S 1831 Replaces all of Dometic'sĀ® "black box" boards. Works in 2-way (AC, gas) and 3-way (AC, DC, gas) units with all types of eyebrows. It features an improved thermocouple circuit to eliminate the recurring check light problem. A food saver keeps the refrigerator operating if the eyebrow board or communication link fails. A temperature control knob allows you to choose the full temperature range on fixed temperature refrigerators. It also allows for"aging" compensation in the units that have a 1-2-3-4-5 temperature adjustment panel. Fuse protected on the 12 VDC supply, DC element and 120 VAC circuit. Simple installation, works in units with or without the wiring upgrade kit and includes detailed instructions.