Coleman Roughneck 13500 btu RV Roof Air Conditioner Top Unit S/D

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Manufacturer's Number: 48203B8765 48203C9665 ***S/D***
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***This is a scratch and dent unit.

This is a Roughneck 13500 btu Air Conditioner. Comes with Top Unit 48203B876 Only.
When it comes to air conditioners, power and strength do not necessarily mean the same thing. But they do come in the same package with a Coleman®-Mach® Roughneck™ RV air conditioner.

The Roughneck™ gives you plenty of high-efficiency cooling power, but also has a lot of inner strength to handle rugged, off-road and heavy industrial vehicle applications.

It's specially equipped to handle the jarring and vibrations that come with the territory, whether you're in construction, the oil field or just taking the back roads to your favorite fishing hole.

If your vehicle travels off-road where the going gets tough, the Roughneck™ is your best air conditioning choice. Under laboratory conditions simulating the worst possible vibration frequencies, the Roughneck™ earned stellar results, thanks to a beefed-up mounting system that includes a shock-absorbing compressor mount and halo mount system with a reinforced top plate.

Locked Rotor Cooling Amps 63.0
Nominal BTU Cooling Capacity 13,500
Running Watts/Cooling 1,650
Running Watts/Cooling 1,900 Running Watts/Heating 1,800
Electrical Rating 115V 60Hz 1Phase
Delivered BTU Heating Output* 5,600
Approximate Full-Load Amps/Cooling 15.3
Approximate Full-Load Amps/Heating* 16.0
Evaporator Air Delivery CFM (high speed) 320