Coleman HP2 Heat Pump 15000 btu RV Roof Air Conditioner Complete

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Manufacturer's Number: 48004-876 48004-966
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HP2 Coleman 15000

Economical heating and air conditioning in one.

When you're at a campground, you've already paid to use the electricity. So why not use it to take the chill off your RV and save your limited supply of propane? With the Coleman®-Mach® HP2™ High Performance Heat Pump you get an economical, electric source of heat and a high-performance air conditioner in one sleek package.

The HP2™ cools exceedingly well with a powerful 15,000 BTU nominal cooling capacity. When a chill is in the air, a special reversing valve enables the cooling system to convert to a heating system. In fact, with the HP2™, you can put two-and-a-half times more heat into your RV than you can with an electric heat strip.

Comes with non-ducted Ceiling Assembly (Model No. 9530C715)

A/C Top Unit Model No. 0018392ACB76


It is not the policy of RV Products to size generators for application in Recreation Vehicles or related structures.However, when sizing generators, the total electrical power consumption in Watts must be determined and taken into consideration, such as:

A. Maximum running watts of the air conditioner at A.R.I. maximum operating conditions (See Specifications).

B. Power consumption of electronic ovens, toasters, coffeemakers, television sets, refrigerators, lights, etc.

C. Generators do lose capacity under the following conditions: (1) Altitude increases above sea level,

(2) Temperature increases above certain outdoor design temperatures and (3) Lack of maintenance.


Cooling:  15,000 btu

Heat Pump:   12,700 btu

Cooling Full Load Amps 16.0

Heating Amps  15.4

2114 Running Watts