Atwood RV On Demand LP Tankless Water Heater 50k btu 90205

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Manufacturer's Number: 90205
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Atwood on-demand water heaters 50,000 btu model. These water heaters provide a continuous hot water experience similar to that in your home, but are designed specifically for RVs. Ultra high output burners are powerful enough to instantly heat and let you enjoy a full flow of continuous hot water. To operate, simply turn on the hot water all the way and then mix in cold to reach your desired temperature. The tankless design not only saves weight, but also saves energy by only using power when hot water is demanded. Flex-fit flanges allow for an easy fit into the existing opening for most brands and sizes of RV tank or tankless water heaters. Door sold separately.

Product Questions & Answers:

  1. I am buying a #90205 water heater. How do I buy the door? By Harry
    • Answer: here is a link to both doors that are currently available: